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Terms & Conditions

It is obligatory that you read all terms and conditions before scheduling any appointment with Dr. Shoma Sarkar.
  • If you are unable to visit us at the scheduled time, kindly inform us at least 24 hours aforetime.
  • If don’t inform us on time, your advance deposits or any discounts will be a relinquishment.
  • We do not provide return or refund in any case.
  • We try our best to inform you if any appointment is cancelled at our end due to any sudden incidents.
  • It’s our advice to you to arrive 10 minutes before time so that the mandatory paper work can be completed easily.
  • Your appointment will perpetually run on time unless there are any impending circumstances.
  • It is entirely patient’s responsibility to inform the doctor about their medical history. Dr. Shoma Sarkar will not be held responsible for any failure of treatment due to disclosure of previous medical conditions of the patient.