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Dr. Satbir from Australia and Dr. Soma from Mumbai will be hosting this live FB session.

Topic: Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) for Regenerative Medicine

Date/Time: 08-Mar-2023 at 7:00 PM IST

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Dr. Satbir, Australia and Dr. Soma, Mumbai will hold a joint session in FB Live.

Topic: BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Regenerative Medicine

Date/Time: 26-Mar-2023, 7:00 PM IST

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Anti Wrinkle

Dr. Satbir will be in Mumbai and will be hosting a joint session along with Dr. Soma in the clinic.

Topic: BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), PRP & Regenerative Medicine

Date/Time: 09-April-2023, 11:00 AM IST

Venue: 101-03, 1st Floor, Mangal Simran CHS Ltd Above Talwalkars, 28th Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai.



Dr. Satbir will be in Bengaluru and will be hosting a joint session along with Dr. Soma in the clinic.

Topic: BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), PRP & Regenerative Medicine

Date/Time: 11-April-2023, 11:00 AM IST

Venue: Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Our Guest

Dr. Satbir Aulakh MBBS, FRACGP 

In October 2014 after working in mainstream General Practice/ General Medicine for 14 years I decided to start a business that incorporated Holistic approach to medicine I was quite disgruntled with the lack of being able to make a difference to my patients lives by writing scripts for pharmaceutical drugs. In medical school we are taught that there is a drug for every ailment. As we know we are hardly able to make anybody healthy with drugs. All we are able to achieve is delay the inevitable disease or death. I did my higher education with American Board of Anti Ageing and Regenerative Medicine and ended up getting their fellowship in 2016. I did numerous courses in Italy, US and Australia to further learn Procedural skills that taught me to harvest Autologous cells ( from ones own body) and inject them to areas that required regeneration. I also learnt how to balance hormones by supplementing compounded Hormones that have been prepared by specialist pharmacists in a tailor made dose for that particular patient.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) became the go to treatment for repairing worn out cartilage, tendons, bursae , ligaments, muscles and even collagen under skin. Prescribing exercises, fasting and supplements replaced pharmaceutical drugs in my day to day practice
I was now very satisfied in my work. I then learnt a procedure called Lipogems in Italy where Autologous fat was extracted by Liposuction and then after treating it by repetitive washes with sterile saline and breaking the fat into microfat particles ( rich source of stem cells) this was then injected into various big and small joints of the body as a ‘ cutting edge treatment’ for Osteoarthritis
Earlier this year we introduced Autologous Micrograft Technology (AMT) where cartilage from a patient’s ear is harvested and then turned into a stem cell rich injection and injected into joints as a replacement for worn-out cartilage. Prolotherapy is yet another treatment where Dextrose ( sugar) is used to stimulate growth of tissue in joints, ligaments and muscles.
Regenerative Medicine is the future of medicine. I’m very happy to bring my expertise to India.

Dr. Satbir Aulakh